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Capitol Cadillac / CLC Potomac Region
Annual Fall Car Show:
A Fabulous Fleetwoods Weekend
October 23-24, 2010

By Sandy Kemper
Photos by Bob Crimmins, Sandy Kemper, Jack McClow,
Dan Reed and Mikey Veillieux

Fabulous Fleetwood owners with their Certificates of Appreciation

They just keep getting better!  The Potomac Region holds two car shows a year at Capitol Cadillac in Greenbelt, Maryland – one in the spring and one in the fall.  For the fall show each year, the Region chooses a special theme.  Among the themes have been Celebrating V-12 and V-16 Cadillacs, Eldorado Extravaganza, Legacy of LaSalle, Cadillac Dream Cars, and Celebrating Capitol Cadillac’s 75th Anniversary.  These special shows have continued to attract the attention of Cadillac enthusiasts throughout the country as well as the collector car community.  And this year’s show, the Fabulous Fleetwoods, was indeed, fabulous.  There were 115 Cadillacs present including 44 Fleetwoods.  There were cars driven to the show from ten states, representing eight different CLC regions (ten regions counting the CLC members who attended without their cars).  It was a terrific gathering of exceptional automobiles.

Fabulous Fleetwoods was a great show, not just for the Potomac Region, but for the many CLC members who participated.  Although not billed as such, Fabulous Fleetwoods became an inter-regional event comprising both days of a spectacular fall weekend. 

In September, 2009, we were contacted by John Barry, the newsletter editor for our northeastern neighbor in the CLC, the Valley Forge Region.  John, who has family ties to Baltimore, said that their Region was planning to hold a “run/meet to the Baltimore Streetcar Museum.”  They offered this idea as a joint event for area CLC regions.  No date for this activity was proposed.  Rather, John wanted to find out which regions were interested before selecting a date that worked best for all participants.  We told John that the Potomac Region would be pleased to join in the fun.  Also, we told John that we had a Baltimore Area member, Chuck Piel, who volunteered to serve as our liaison.

For several months there was much back and forth discussion between John and Chuck about when this event should be held.  The activity calendars of the Streetcar Museum, the Valley Forge Region and the Potomac Region were all considered.  At last, in April, 2010, when our Region finalized the date for our Fabulous Fleetwoods Fall Show as Sunday, October 24th, we suggested that the Valley Forge Region consider holding the Streetcar Museum Run/Meet on Saturday, October 23rd and making it part of a Cadillac weekend.  They agreed wholeheartedly.

Saturday October 23th was a spectacular fall day and members of the Valley Forge Region drove their Cadillacs from the Greater Philadelphia Area to the City of Baltimore.  Meanwhile, Potomac Region members Chuck & Debbie Piel, Randy Edison, Sandy Kemper and CLC Life Member Alan Clark (pictured below next to Streetcar #8), our guest from Newport Beach, California, met at Snyder’s Restaurant in Linthicum, Maryland, for lunch before caravanning to the Museum. 

Around the same time, National Director Jack McClow was driving to Baltimore's Pennsylvania Station to pick up his fellow National Director Bob Crimmins on his way to the Museum.  Bob traveled down to our event from Manalapan, New Jersey.  By 2PM, Cadillacs from North and South began to assemble on the grounds of the Baltimore Streetcar Museum.  There they were met by Potomac Region members Francis Werneth and Harry Yarnell.  At first it seemed that everyone was mostly interested in looking at each others cars as the Valley Forge Region folks looked at the Potomac Region members’ cars and vice-versa.  But soon one of the trolley’s bells rang and it was time to get aboard.

There were three historic streetcars running that day.  The Museum’s youngest is No. 7407, a streamline designed streetcar built by the Pullman-Standard Car Manufacturing Co. in 1944 for the Baltimore Transit Company.  Streetcar No. 6119 is a Great Depression era car.  This type of car is called a “Peter Witt” car after the transit designer who promoted the front entrance and center exit design to accommodate fast loading and unloading of passengers during rush hours.  The oldest trolley is No. 1164, a 12 bench open summer car which was bought from the J.G. Brill Company in 1902.

Everyone there enjoyed the pleasant afternoon hours riding these trolleys along the Museum’s track, a circuit that is over a mile long and which passes beside a former railroad repair shop and an old Baltimore & Ohio roundhouse, now used by the City for highway maintenance vehicles and supplies.  When they weren’t riding in a trolley, many tour goers viewed the film in the Museum’s Trolley Theatre (a 3/4 scale trolley model) or they were entertained by a docent led tour of the streetcar restoration shops.

However, there was an unfortunate irony to the event: the organizer, John Barry, didn’t make it to the Museum.  In his words: “Believe me, I was looking forward to being there, and couldn't have been more chagrined/disgusted when my LaSalle died at Howard and Saratoga Streets in downtown Baltimore, no less.  What really galls me is that I had it set up to get behind the controls of 7407.”  Despite John’s absence, those who made it to the Baltimore Streetcar Museum had a wonderful day with streetcars and Cadillacs and a terrific start to the Fabulous Fleetwoods weekend.

As the afternoon grew late, everyone departed and many headed south to the Holiday Inn in Greenbelt, Maryland, just minutes away from the Capitol Cadillac dealership.  That evening, continuing what has become a tradition, Past CLC President Richard Sills and Shelley Chadick welcomed over 40 out-of-town guests and Potomac Region members to a “Pre-Show” Saturday night dinner in the restaurant of the Holiday Inn.  There was plenty to eat and drink and the conversations were lively.  When dinner ended, many in the CLC crowd surveyed the Cadillacs in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn for a preview of the next day’s show.

As the sun came up on Sunday, October 24th, it was a beautiful fall day. Car Show Coordinators Henry & Diane Ruby along with Vince Taliano arrived at Capitol Cadillac by 7:30 AM to begin the set-up. (However it must be noted that the show preparation had actually begun on Saturday as Henry & Diane and Dan Ruby had delivered tables and supplies and prepared the coffee pot and Danish while the staff of Capitol Cadillac moved vehicles from the front parking are as and cleared the showroom.) Within the hour, other volunteers arrived as well as the first of the show cars.

As Joe Pipkin, Tom McQueen, Bob Norrid and Scot Minesinger manned the registration area, Chuck Piel, Bill Hilliard and Sandy Kemper, Dan Ruby and Vince Taliano directed the show cars into parking spaces.  Henry Ruby, with help from his son Dan, expertly guided vehicles into the showroom. 


DJ Mike Veilleux of Music Madness officially opened the show at 10:00 AM with the playing of our National Anthem.  But show cars and spectators were still arriving.  Before long, the showroom was filled to capacity with 14 cars.  All but one were Fleetwoods and represented a splendid overview of the seven decades of Fleetwood bodied production.  These marvelous cars were: a 1931 Series 452A V-16 All-Weather Phaeton, owned by Charles B. Gillet; David Lewis’ 1927 Cadillac Sedan Model 314 [non-Fleetwood]; Bud & Barbara Coleman’s 1938 Fleetwood Series 75 (Model 7519); Dave & Dora Forry’s 1959 Fleetwood Series 60 Special; Art & Jan Archambeault’s 1962 Fleetwood Series 60 Special; Paul Fertich’s 1984 Fleetwood Brougham D'Elegance Coupe; Jerry & Rita Trapani’s unusual 1987 Fleetwood Station Wagon; Byron & Alida Alsop’s 1936 Series 85 V-12 Fleetwood Convertible Sedan; Lee Peterson’s 1979 Fleetwood Brougham; Dan Mullane’s 1983 Fleetwood Brougham D'Elegance Coupe; Jeff Gurski’s 1996 Fleetwood Brougham; Mark E. Brodsky’s 1966 Fleetwood Brougham; Scott Bender’s 1946 Fleetwood Series 60 Special and J. Roger Bentley’s 1938 Series 60 Special.

Juan & Betty Aranda's 1947 Fleetwood Series 60 Special. 
This car was present at the first Potomac Region meeting in 1969.

Outside there were many more Fabulous Fleetwoods parked on the apron surrounding the front of the dealership and in parking areas set aside specifically for Fleetwoods.  These included: Juan & Betty Aranda’s 1947 Fleetwood Series 60 Special; Jerry & Mary Parnes’ 1937 Series 70 Fleetwood Convertible Sedan; Tom Smith’s (Prime Tours & Travel) 1941 Series 75 Seven Passenger Formal Sedan; two 1953 Fleetwood Series 60 Specials, one owned by Gary Bacon and the other by George & Rita Boxley; John Shumate’s 1958 Fleetwood Series 60 Special; Ed Mickolus’ 1960 Fleetwood Series 60 Special; Henry Sittner’s 1964 Fleetwood Series 60 Special; Jim Govoni’s 1966 Fleetwood Brougham; Dave Ciccarella’s 1966 Series 75 Sedan; Forrest Nielsen’s 1969 Series 75 Formal Limousine; Jack McClow’s 1975 Fleetwood Talisman; Maurice Jones’ 1976 Fleetwood Brougham D’Elegance; Dick Parsons’ 1976 Fleetwood Brougham; Bill Estes’ 1990 Cadillac Brougham; two 1992 Cadillac Broughams owned by Jim Hartnett and Henry Ruby, respectively; Emerson Duke’s 1993 Series 60 Special and two cars owned by Mike & Vicki Barruzza, a 1987 Fleetwood Brougham and a 1995 Fleetwood Brougham.  And there were about a dozen more Fleetwoods at the show.  Besides the Fabulous Fleetwoods there were many other fine cars on display.  Of special note was Scott Milestone’s 1979 Seville, modified with a supercharged engine and Joe & Maria Camelio’s 1956 Cadillac Woody Station Wagon, complete with surfboards.

                  David Lewis' 1927 Cadillac Sedan Model 314, the oldest car present at the show

Charles B. Gillet's
1931 Series 452A V-16
All-Weather Phaeton

Byron & Alida Alsop's
Series 85 V-12 Fleetwood
Convertible Sedan
 John T.M. Shumate's
1958 Fleetwood Series 60 Special
Henry Sittner's
1964 Fleetwood Series 60 Special
  Lee Peterson's
1979 Fleetwood Brougham
Jeff & Nola Gurski's
1996 Fleetwood
George & Rita Boxley's
1953 Fleetwood Series 60 Special
 Bud & Barbara Coleman's
1938 Fleetwood Series 75
Dave & Dora Forry's
1959 Fleetwood Series 60 Special
Scott Bender's
1946 Fleetwood Series 60 Special
Paul Fertich's
84 Fleetwood Brougham D'Elegance
Mark E. Brodsky's
1966 Fleetwood Brougham

Following the Potomac Region’s current practice, the judging was done by the owners of the cars registered in the show (peer judging), except for the Dealer’s Choice Award.  Throughout the day, many of the owners could be seen walking among the cars with their pencils and ballots in hand.  When the deadline for voting was reached, over 70% of the attendees eligible to vote had submitted a ballot.

At 3:00 PM, CLC Past President Richard Sills served as Master of Ceremonies for the awards presentation.  He began by providing a brief, but informative history of the Fleetwood name and the automobiles produced under that marque.  Then he introduced Potomac Region Director Vince Taliano who thanked Daniel Jobe and
Capitol Cadillac for hosting this remarkable show.  Vince also acknowledged the club members and other individuals who tirelessly helped with the production of the show.

Richard returned to the microphone and recognized the many CLC and regional dignitaries in attendance before proceeding to introduce the stars of the show – every pre-registered owner who brought a Fleetwood.  Each of those pre-registered Fleetwood owners, whose car was featured in the commemorative program, was presented with a framed certificate of appreciation for being a part of the Fabulous Fleetwoods event (see sample below).

Next a special random drawing was held which included only the names of the pre-registered Fleetwood owners present.  Scott Milestone’s mother, who had won the 50/50 drawing at last year’s show, selected the winning ticket.  Tom Smith (Prime Tours & Travel) won a wonderful book titled, Ninety Years of Fleetwood, by Thomas Bonsall.  Following the drawing, as Richard described each of the cars, Daniel Jobe presented the awards for the first, second and third place winners in each of the classes and the awards for Best Pre-War (Byron & Alida Alsop’s 1936 Series 85 V-12 Fleetwood Convertible Sedan), Best Post-War (Dave & Dora Forry’s 1959 Fleetwood Series 60 Special) and Best of Show (1931 Series 452A V-16 All-Weather Phaeton, owned by Charles B. Gillet).

In addition, Daniel Jobe presented his choice for the Dealer’s Choice Award to Al Cowling for his 1964 Eldorado, and Debbie Taylor announced that Charles B. Gillet’s 1931 Series 452A V-16 All-Weather Phaeton won the Ladies’ Choice Award donated by Brenda & Jim George.  Lastly, Richard asked for the audience’s help in identifying the car that was registered and driven – not trailered – the longest distance to participate in the show.  Jerry & Janet Steinard, from the Motor City Region, who drove their 1976 Series 75 Formal Limousine from Southfield, Michigan, won the award by a few miles over Emerson Duke of the Peach State Region from Greer, South Carolina.

In this competitive group of high-quality cars, these were the award winners:





Class A: Pre-1938 Fabulous Fleetwoods


Charles B. Gillet
1931 Series 452A V-16 All-Weather Phaeton

Baltimore MD

Byron & Alida Alsop
1936 Series 85 V-12 Fleetwood Convertible Sedan

Oak Hill VA

Jerry & Mary Parnes
1937 Series 70 Fleetwood Convertible Sedan
Ardmore PA

Class B: 1938 - 1959 Fabulous Fleetwoods

Dave & Dora Forry
1959 Fleetwood Series 60 Special

Manheim PA

George & Rita Boxley
1953 Fleetwood Series 60 Special

West River MD

Scott Bender
1946 Fleetwood Series 60 Special

Potomac MD

Class C: 1960 - 1979 Fabulous Fleetwoods

Art & Jan Archambeault
1962 Fleetwood Series 60 Special

Harrisburg PA

Mark E. Brodsky
1966 Fleetwood Brougham

Chevy Chase MD

Dick Parsons
1976 Fleetwood Brougham
Mount Joy PA

Class D: 1980 - 1999 Fabulous Fleetwoods


Jim Hartnett
1992 Brougham
Kensington MD


Paul Fertich
1984 Fleetwood Brougham D'Elegance Coupe
Harrisburg PA

Dan Mullane
1983 Fleetwood Brougham D'Elegance Coupe
McLean VA

Class E: 1902 - 1942 Cadillac & LaSalle (excluding Fleetwoods)

David Lewis
1927 Cadillac Sedan
Model 314
Hampstead MD

Prime Tours & Travel
1941 Series 62 Sedan
Camp Springs MD

Class F: 1946 - 1958 Cadillac (excluding Fleetwoods)

Gary Bacon
1947 Series 62 Convertible
Georgetown DE

Richard Sisson
1954 Eldorado
Potomac MD

Iver Steele
1954 Series 62 Coupe
Gerrardstown WV

Class G: 1959 - 1964 Cadillac (excluding Fleetwoods)

Randy Edison
1964 Eldorado
Washington DC

Randy Edison
1959 Coupe DeVille
Washington DC

Jack Miller
Series 62 Convertible
Clarksville MD

Class H: 1965 - 1970 Cadillac (excluding Fleetwoods)

Preston Waters
1966 Calais Coupe
Largo MD

Dan & Linda Arnold
1967 Coupe DeVille
York PA

Harry & Carol Yarnell
1965 DeVille Convertible
Perryman MD
Class I: 1971 - 1980 Cadillac (excluding Fleetwoods)

Harry Goins
1976 Eldorado Convertible
Alexandria VA

Tom McQueen
1974 Sedan DeVille

McLean VA

Lynn Gardner
1975 Sedan DeVille
Arlington VA

Class J: 1981 - 1996 Cadillac (excluding Fleetwoods)

Ron Neff
1991 Coupe DeVille
Alexandria VA

Chuck O’Bryan
1985 Eldorado

Falls Church VA

Tim Garrett
1983 Eldorado

Vienna VA

Class K: 1997 - Current Cadillac (excluding Fleetwoods)

Ron Neff
2000 Eldorado

Alexandria VA

Ron Neff
1997 Eldorado

Alexandria VA

William Harvey
2004 DTS

Upper Marlboro MD

Class L: Commercial Vehicles

Prime Tours & Travel
1941 Series 75 Formal Limousine

Camp Springs MD

Brian Ochs
1977 Ambulance

Glen Arm MD

John Paris
1990 Brougham Stretch Limousine

Clinton MD

Class M: Modified Vehicles

Henry & Diane Ruby
1953 Coupe DeVille
Temple Hills MD

Joe & Maria Camelio
1956 Station Wagon
Lanham MD

Scott Milestone
1979 Seville

Germantown MD

Jerry & Rita Trapani
1987 Fleetwood Station Wagon

East Islip NY






Charles B. Gillet
1931 Series 452A V-16 All-Weather Phaeton

Baltimore MD

(1942 and Earlier):

Byron & Alida Alsop
1936 Series 85 V-12 Fleetwood Convertible Sedan

Oak Hill VA

(1946 to Present):

Dave & Dora Forry
1959 Fleetwood Series 60 Special

Manheim PA


Charles B. Gillet
1931 Series 452A V-16 All-Weather Phaeton

Baltimore MD


Albert & Mary Cowling
1964 Eldorado
King of Prussia PA


Jerry & Janet Steinard
1976 Series 75 Formal Limousine
Southfield MI
~600 miles

With the finale of the awards ceremony, the Fabulous Fleetwoods show and a fabulous weekend of CLC fellowship drew to a close.  The Potomac Region extends its utmost appreciation to Daniel Jobe, President of Capitol Cadillac, who has made the facilities of his 76-year-old dealership fully available to the Potomac Region for its semi-annual car shows since 1992.  And the Region thanks the many CLC members who attended the Fabulous Fleetwoods.

The theme and date for the 2011 Fall Show have not yet been decided.  But, before that, plan to attend the Potomac Region’s Spring Car Show and Automobilia Auction which will be held on Sunday May 15, 2011.

Devron Thornton's
1979 Seville Opera Convertible

Jerry & Rita Trapani's
1987 Fleetwood Station Wagon

David Ciccarella and Dora Forry waving hello


Loading up Joe & Maria Camelio's
1956 Cadillac Woody Station Wagon

Jerry & Mary Parnes
1937 Series 70 Fleetwood Convertible Sedan

Mike & Vicki Barruzza's
1995 Fleetwood Brougham

Tom Pirog's
1999 Fleetwood Limited


Bill Estes'
1990 Brougham

William Harvey's
2004 DTS

Gary Bacon's
1953 Fleetwood Series 60 Special


Jack Miller's
1959 Series 62 Convertible


Everett Greenstreet's
1968 DeVille Convertible


Scott Milestone's
1979 Supercharged Seville

208 MPH Seville!

Howard Kelly's
1993 Allante

Don Miller's
70 Sedan DeVille

Fred Kott's
1992 Brougham

Jerry & Janet Steinard's
1976 Fleetwood Series 75 Formal Limousine

Original owner Maurice Jones' 1976 Fleetwood Brougham D’Elegance

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