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27th Annual Capitol Cadillac /
CLC Potomac Region
Spring Car Show
Celebrating the 85th Anniversary of Capitol Cadillac
May 19, 2019

Photos by Luis Aranda, Randy Edison, Lynn Gardner, Sandy Kemper, Jack McClow,
Josh Pinho, Dan Reed and Dan & JoJo Ruby

Painting by Dan Reed commissioned by the CLC Potomac Region to commemorate Capitol Cadillac's 85th Anniversary. 
In 2014, Daniel Jobe's 1946 Series 62 convertible (pictured above) was driven in The Great Race by Daniel (pictured above right and below) with David Prueitt (pictured above left) serving as the navigator to commemorate the dealership's 80th Anniversary.

Pictured top center is Daniel Jobe, Capitol Cadillac President 1990-Present.  Below left is Floyd Akers, Daniel's Grandfather and Capitol Cadillac President from 1934-1970, and below right is Howard Jobe, Daniel's Father and Capitol Cadillac President from

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